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Interview Skills and Resume Updation

We all require interview skills. The ability to answer difficult questions and maintain composure under pressure is highly important in a variety of circumstances.

Maybe you're in the market for a new job or a promotion. Perhaps you should re-interview for your own position. Perhaps you'd like to improve your interviewing abilities before meeting with a prospective new customer.

You can gain the skills you need to ace your next interview – whatever shape it takes – with JL HR and tech.

We'll go through how to prepare for the interview, how to follow up afterward, and how to provide a polished and convincing performance during the interview — giving you the best chance of success!

You previously created a fantastic résumé. It's no surprise that you've been sending out the same one for years.

It's also no surprise that recruiting supervisors have been phoning you less and less throughout the years.

No matter how impressive your CV is, if it is out of date, it will be forgotten. Fortunately, we at JL Hr and Tech can teach you how to update your CV in less time than it takes to wait for your Starbucks order.